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Benefits of having a Facebook fan page

Your genuine customers will “LIKE” your fan page and they will “FOLLOW” the Page for future business posts.

You can post Photos, Videos, Articles,Links, Discussions, Events, News, and Offers including all forms of information relating to your business at one place.

When you will have any new product or service to launch, you can put it on your fan page. It will directly appear on the Homepage of your customers. So you can reach your customers directly anytime with your product or service.

You can interact with your customers directly. You can ask their feedback and any suggestions regarding your products & services. You can create pre-launch offers on your page to test your product or service with them before launching it to the Market.

After having a separate Facebook Fan Page, anybody can join and interact with you anytime without waiting for friend requests and to get accepted etc. There are no restrictions to have only some specific amount of fans. You can have unlimited fans to your fan page from all around the world.

Search Engines also love Facebook. So when you put /share your business information on your fan page, it will get indexed into the search engines quickly & easily. It will also generate huge traffic to your fan page. And if you have any website or blog, you can easily redirect your traffic towards them.

You can integrate your Facebook fan page with your website and blogs also by putting a “LIKE” widget into your website/ blog. This widget also allows visitors to see and access your Facebook information and can join your fan page from there.

Twitter accounts can be integrated to your fans page.

You can set fully customized landing pages to your Facebook fan page. You can add your Youtube Videos, Brochures, Logos, Corporate Identities of your business, and documents. You can add your website Tabs also to your fan page.

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